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We are delighted to have an array of Medicine Craftswomen offering you the opportunity to dive into relationship with some of the most ancient and sacred crafts.
Create your very own Womb Wrap, Medicine Woman Drum, Ayacucho Embroidery Bag or experience making the template for a special piece of jewellry as part of these special crafting experiences.

All workshops must be booked in advance.

Saturday & sunday (£30 - 50)

Womb Wrap Weaving with Tor
friday 10am - 3pm (£168)

Dorrie Joy is gracing us with an abundance of Sacred Crafting Workshops this year.


This year she is offering an open door for sacred crafts, in alignment with the feminine flow of sisterhood, mothering and an opportunity to drop deeper into your own crafting rhythm.

She'll be in the yurt with a glorious installation of art & altars, bringing sacred crafts, songs and medicine woman teachings.


Early Booking Essential (Limited Spaces):



Open Craft Space - all day

Medicine Woman Rattles: £50

Medicine Pouches & Wild Medicine: £30

7:30-8:30pm: Creativity as Connection: spoken word, lyricism & poetry; weaving archaeology, spells, love songs, shadow work, griefwork, blessings & teachings for creative living


Morning Songs + Water Blessings 

Ayacucho Embroidery Medicine Woman Bag: £40

Medicine Woman Rattle 
This workshop includes sanding, shaping, oiling & creating a personal medicine rattle from a pre-sewn rawhide head filled with singing river stones, decorated with medicine woman totems of earth & ocean.


Medicine Pouches & Wild Medicine Teachings 

A sweet & nourishing workshop crafting Medicine Pouches from soft, ethically sourced deer leather, filled with freshly prepared Cedar, with teachings on harvesting Wild Medicines for Blessings, Health & Sustainability.

Ayacucho Embroidery Medicine Woman Bag 
Stitching a personal pure wool medicine bag with a Cornish summer flower.
Learn seven embroidery stitches and drink from the circle of the oldest ways women have shared warmth & wisdom together.


Talisman Wax Carving With Marie

We are very happy to have Tor back with us this year and she will be offering her very special skills to guide you through creating your own womb wrap to take home and use as part of your journey with your womb.

A little about the workshop:

Experience the magic of the ancient craft of weaving. Let yourself be held by the Loom and the softness of wool as you weave upon red threads a sacred wrap for your Womb.

This is a workshop to create a textile of ancient origins to whom I thank the indigenous cultures of the world for the continued weaving and sharing of this Womb medicine.

The womb wrap is worn wrapped around your womb space to offer warmth, protection, holding, and to return you home to your cyclical body.

We will be working with wool from the British Isles that I have hand spun and naturally dyed with plant Beings of the local landscape who each offer their own magic to the weave.

We will be working with intention and so I ask you bring an intention for your Womb and her cycles with you to work with as we weave. This might be something like 'I offer love to my womb through deeper awareness of my cycle' or 'I allow myself sacred rest'. I invite you to ask your womb herself for this intention during your menstrual time or at the New Moon if without a blood cycle.

No prior experience of weaving is necessary. This workshop is suitable for both menstruating and pre and post menopausal Women.

There is space for breaks and a longer lunch break too, please bring plenty of water to drink a packed lunch also.

Please be aware that weaving can be physically intense and so this isn't a workshop suitable for children.

I wish for every woman to be able to lean into the workshop fully and so I ask for any children (other than breastfeeding children) to be cared for by loving others outside of the yurt space for this time.

Any questions please email me at

Join Marie and learn how to make your own jewellery using the ancient wax carving techniques around the fire.


Marie will gently guide you through the process of creating your own talisman.

You will learn all the skills required to create a pendant.


It will be a perfect time for you to relax, get creative and connect with other like-minded people. We will free our mind, open up our creativity and set beautiful intentions to create a special pendant in this 2hrs workshop.


The workshop includes:

- 5/10 min meditation

- Oracle Cards guidance

- Inspirational books & drawing materials

- Wax carving tools & techniques knowledge

- Your final wax piece to take home with you

(possibilities to cast in Silver or bronze. Extra Price not included + £50/60)


*You do not need to come with a design in mind, the creative process will involve some quick drawings and symbol research to come up with your own unique design. Only then will we start carving in wax.


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